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Parenting success:

Marley(4) to her brother: There’s going to be snacks tomorrow.
Shannon: Why is that?
Marley: Tomorrow is the Packers.

That’s my girl.

~Posted by ES


Sometimes when your little bear doesn’t feel well, she just needs an elephant-shaped grilled cheese sandwich…

~Posted by TJK

At the table tonight, Robbie (age 3) announced, “My butt thanks you for this super yummy dinner!” It was impossible to maintain composure.

~Posted by ACB

“Must have pudding”, said my daughter (5) as she scraped the last molecular pudding unit (MPU) out of the Cozy Shack container. Mmmm. And she didn’t just say it….she said it in her zombie voice.

~Submitted by TJK

Conversation w/ Mia, my 3.5 year lold today after reading Green Eggs & Ham for the 100th time this week- “Mommy, can we go to Dr. Seuss’ house?” Me: “No, Mia, Dr. Seuss is not alive anymore. He lived a long life though and was very old when he died.” Mia’s response- “He must have been very old, like, your age, when he died.” So much for feeling like I can be a young, hip mom!!!!

-Submitted by TWB

My daughter (5) is fond of cream cheese. She’s also fond of pretzels. She’s discovered the joy of dipping pretzels into cream cheese. This is not that unusual. One day, she built tiny windowpane pretzel/cream cheese sandwiches and dubbed them “Bomb-hit Sandwiches” (patent pending). She’s currently trying to apply a similar technology to toaster-waffles and syrup.

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