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Me: We are going to Kansas.
My 3 yr old: Are we going to meet Dorothy?

“Go away to your miserable land of dark!”
– N, playing in the other room. Something about a dragon, I think.


~Posted by SKR

James (6) was looking in the P’s in the dictionary: “Does this say ‘punishment’?”

Me: “Yes”

James: “Claire (8) needs one of those…”


~Posted by TJK

Cleaning for company with two children underfoot is like setting up multiple blenders around the house and just allowing them to spew continuously while you scurry around trying to catch the all of the contents with a q-tip.

~Posted by CS

Last Sunday, during the Steelers game, I was screaming and yelling and swearing like a trucker. Marissa (6), waits for a pause in the verbal tornado to tell my friend, Russell…..”That’s our Dad!”

~submitted by TD

Claire (8): You know, the Pilgrims had three days of Thanksgiving.
James (6): Why do we only have one day?
Claire (after a moment of thought): Because we celebrate more efficiently.


~Posted by TJK

The kids were arguing over whether James(6) could use one of Claire’s (8) things.

Me: James maybe you can think of something of yours that Claire might want to use?

Claire: Probably nothing…Unless I need a kidney or something. That’d be awkward.


~submitted by TJK

Preschool drop-off is like the starting line for the “how much can I get done in the next two and a half hours” sprint.

~Posted by ACB

Claire (8) immediately upon waking: “Oh Daddy, why oh why does it have to be Tuesday?!?!”

~Submitted by TJK

Megan’s future housing plans. “A cabin kind of place on a mountain. It would be brownish and tan. And neon.”


~Posted by BC

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