The kids were arguing over whether James(6) could use one of Claire’s (8) things.

Me: James maybe you can think of something of yours that Claire might want to use?

Claire: Probably nothing…Unless I need a kidney or something. That’d be awkward.


~submitted by TJK

So Max(2) was talking about Santa bringing presents. We asked him what he thought Santa was bringing him. He then proceeds to accurately name two things we have bought him and that are hidden in the closet. Coincidence?


~Posted by ES

We found Brandon’s 14 page 26 step plan of execution for Christmas morning including proper attire (pajama’s, Fuzzy socks a must) and detailed illustrations as well as a contingency plan for each step. For example: Contingency “Plan Z. Santa skips our house: Go back to bed and try harder next year.”


~Posted by SC

Preschool drop-off is like the starting line for the “how much can I get done in the next two and a half hours” sprint.

~Posted by ACB

Dino-riderIf your son is going to play with his sister’s doll babies, teach him to do it the right way.

~Posted by ES

Claire (8) immediately upon waking: “Oh Daddy, why oh why does it have to be Tuesday?!?!”

~Submitted by TJK

Megan’s future housing plans. “A cabin kind of place on a mountain. It would be brownish and tan. And neon.”


~Posted by BC

“I trying to walk, but this foot is NOT helping!” – Gracelynn (3), after stumbling and falling. Darn feet!

~Posted by ACB

As Ellie was settling in to bed this evening, she whispered “I have to tell you a secret…fairies are real.”

~Posted by TDM

Stay Safe Everyone!


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