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i had lunch with burger and the 1st graders today. at one point, burger tells me she understands what it means to be 6 years old. she says that means she has lived six years (i thought she knew that…my bad). so i ask the kids their ages (knowing they are all 6-7). then i ask them what my age is.


brynn: 27 (so off but lovely)
ava: 32 (awww…still lovely)
thomas: 42 (fine)
burger: 84 (what?)

burger followed her answer with a quick “89!” we all giggled when i said i was actually 112.


~Posted by ~TJ


I was having a nice morning with my little ones, making pancakes and enjoying my coffee when my daughter informs me that I’m ‘really old’. WTH?!

-Posted by LM

My 85yo patient was looking at all the sediment in his catheter and asked where that came from, his wife replied, “that’s from grumpiness, honey”.

-Submitted by Dr. JT

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