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My son’s cat was very rambunctious and starting fights with his sister cats, so I threw him outside this morning (he is an outside cat too). My son just got home (1/2 day) and let his cat in. I explained why he was outside. My sons response, “why don’t you throw Madison & Matthew outside. They start fights with me all the time!” Ahhh sibling love at it’s finest!


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Love my kids…love my Ella, even tho she decided to taste toilet H2O…love my Aidyn, even tho he tooted on me 3X, love my Chloe, even tho her friend wrote her a note saying they’d have to discuss a boy in private! What a nite!


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Claire (6): Wake up James! It’s my birthday!

James (3, and only partially awake): Then I’ll give you 5….no 6 birthday punches because you’re 6 now.

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Emma (3) declared this morning that she was going to marry her friend’s little sister, Baby Ally (1).
Will, (5) who knows everything, told her that boys marry girls and girls marry boys.

I tried to stay out of it at this point.

Emma protested that she was going to marry Baby Ally no matter what.
Will finally sighs and says “Okay Emma, but when you marry Baby Ally EVERYONE is going to talk about it!”Bou

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Editor: This seems very timely what with the recent court ruling in CA.

Today, on our 50th wedding anniversary, she smiled at me and said, “I only wish I had met you sooner.” MMT

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