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Me: We are going to Kansas.
My 3 yr old: Are we going to meet Dorothy?
“Look daddy…I’m Saturn” – Beth (3).saturn

~Posted by ER

My son’s cat was very rambunctious and starting fights with his sister cats, so I threw him outside this morning (he is an outside cat too). My son just got home (1/2 day) and let his cat in. I explained why he was outside. My sons response, “why don’t you throw Madison & Matthew outside. They start fights with me all the time!” Ahhh sibling love at it’s finest!


~Posted by RD

i had lunch with burger and the 1st graders today. at one point, burger tells me she understands what it means to be 6 years old. she says that means she has lived six years (i thought she knew that…my bad). so i ask the kids their ages (knowing they are all 6-7). then i ask them what my age is.


brynn: 27 (so off but lovely)
ava: 32 (awww…still lovely)
thomas: 42 (fine)
burger: 84 (what?)

burger followed her answer with a quick “89!” we all giggled when i said i was actually 112.


~Posted by ~TJ

Last night Parker told me he wanted “that game called ‘I didn’t mean to do it'”. I told him that we don’t have any games with that name. After looking in our game closet, he finally helped me figure it out – he wanted “Sorry”. 🙂


~posted by JWH

James (6) was looking in the P’s in the dictionary: “Does this say ‘punishment’?”

Me: “Yes”

James: “Claire (8) needs one of those…”


~Posted by TJK

Cleaning for company with two children underfoot is like setting up multiple blenders around the house and just allowing them to spew continuously while you scurry around trying to catch the all of the contents with a q-tip.

~Posted by CS

The kids were arguing over whether James(6) could use one of Claire’s (8) things.

Me: James maybe you can think of something of yours that Claire might want to use?

Claire: Probably nothing…Unless I need a kidney or something. That’d be awkward.


~submitted by TJK

So Max(2) was talking about Santa bringing presents. We asked him what he thought Santa was bringing him. He then proceeds to accurately name two things we have bought him and that are hidden in the closet. Coincidence?


~Posted by ES

Dino-riderIf your son is going to play with his sister’s doll babies, teach him to do it the right way.

~Posted by ES

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